Sabrina Top in Grass Grid Block


The Sabrina top has soft gathers and billowy sleeves to style as you please – push up the elasticized sleeves for more volume or pull down for less and tuck in, leave untucked or tie it up.

Its striking print was inspired by the grass grid patterns commonly seen in paved parks. Our grid design uses natural dyes and is hand block printed to emulate the feeling of overgrown grass.

This textile was printed in Ajrakhpur where Ajrakh printing is a traditional printing technique from Kutch, Gujarat. The technique is commonly practiced by the Khatri community. Traditional 'Ajrakh' involves various stages of dyeing and resist printing using natural dyes and mordants. Indigo and madder are the primary colours that are used for dyeing. The resist and some colours are printed on the cloth using carved wooden blocks. These blocks are carved with intricate symmetrical patterns so that the same block can be used for both sides of the cloth.

Our fabric was first treated with harad and the printed using a paste of lime and gum. Next it is dyed in indigo and then washed where it is then sprayed using a mix of pomegranate skins. The textile is the further treated and washed to finally achieve its desired colors. Green is achieved using a combination of pomegranate and Indigo and pomegranate creates the yellow.

Hand weaving muslin fabric is a showcase of craftsmanship aiming to evoke a feeling of woven air with its lightness. Woven using handspun yarn, the fabric has a unique drapeability that is light and airy, perfect for everyday summer wear.

- 100% Handwoven Seed&U cotton
- Sustainably dyed using natural dyes
- Button-front placket with hand-made covered buttons
- 3/4 Length Sleeves
- Elasticized sleeves
- Straight bottom hem

Produced in a limited run with exclusive handcrafted fabrics. Due to the nature of the print, each piece is unique.

We recommend hand washing in cold water using natural detergents and drying in the shade. Handcrafted garments are designed to last when treated with care.

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    Size: S
    Size: S

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