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Khushi Camp Shirt in Rogan Mandala Black


We were captivated by Rogan art and used it this season as our showcase craft. Rogan a unique and rare form of painting accomplished in a small Kutch village by just one extended family for over eight generations. Commonly used in traditional paintings, this technique involves making a colored sticky paste using castor oil and minerals and rocks. The design is first hand drawn and the paste is then carefully applied in thin strands using a needle-like tool. To achieve the final design, the painted portion is folded to achieve a mirrored impression. Our design references traditional wall and floor patterns.

Beautifully shown on the chest pocket of the Khushi camp shirt. A classic summer style with a standard fit and an updated spread collar and bone buttons.

Kora is one of our signature handwoven fabrics using our regeneratively grown cotton harvested with Raddis as part of our Seed&U program. Kala cotton is a short staple and indegnious cotton native to Kutch, known to protect against the harsh heat while also possessing insulting properties in colder climates. It has a soft hand, a relaxed look and feel and is ideal for the summer weather.

- 100% Handwoven Seed&U cotton
- Sustainably dyed using natural dyes
- Standard fit
- Single rounded chest pocket
- Spread collar
- Straight hem with side slits
- Real horn buttons
- Single needle stitching with hand-rolled seams
- Locker loops on back yoke seam
- Hand-finished and closed seams

Produced in a limited run with exclusive handcrafted fabrics. Due to the nature of the artwork, each piece is unique.

We recommend hand washing in cold water using natural detergents and drying in the shade. Handcrafted garments are designed to last when treated with care.

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Size: S
Size: S

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