Wool Knit Socks (Assorted)

Colorful wool blend knit warm socks from a weaving collective in the Himalyan mountains of Northern India. Knitted with a heel pocket and a unique triangle shape toe, the socks conform to the shape of your foot without extra bulk. Crafted from a sturdy wool blend yarn, the socks are ideal for home and travel or under bulky boots.

Produced using sustainable practices that help improve the livelihoods and welfare of our artisan community makers and reduce the impact on the environment. Learn more about our wool weavers here.

- Merino Wool & Acrylic
- One Size (Fits from approx. women's 7 to men's 11)
- Toe and Heel shape 
- Calf Length
- Assorted Colors

Shown on male (size 10.5) and female (size 7.5)

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