The foundation of Umber & Ochre is the unique handmade nature of our textiles.

Growing up in Mumbai, founder, Kunal Desai, was surrounded by family in the apparel business. The combination of his family history, curiosity and sense of wanderlust led to the creation of Umber & Ochre. 

Umber & Ochre garments are created with natural fibers that are hand-woven and naturally dyed, resulting in materials that embody unique characteristics that are made to last. Our garments feel good to wear and promote a sense of well-being and comfort.

We design classic, clean and timeless clothing that serves as a foundation for the wearer to celebrate their own unique self-expression. Our designs are inspired by clothing of the past; garments that have practical and functional elements that effortlessly fit into our modern lifestyle. 

We envision a slow fashion industry that celebrates individual self-expression, improves quality of life for all, and cares for the environment that cares for us. Our seasonal collections focus on quality materials and skillful hand craftsmanship. Our family-run factories in India combine traditional with modern methods with a commitment to sustainable and responsible production practices. Our intimate supply chain allows small batch processes and limited edition fabrics.

Each of our garments pass through many hands before it reaches the one who wears it. At Umber & Ochre, we believe in promoting the wellbeing of this unseen community while doing our part to preserve the natural world. —Kunal Desai, Founder