From Field to Fabric

Ethically sourced materials from fiber to finished fabric

Similar to the 'farm-to table' slow food movement, we use a 'field-to-fabric' philosophy. Our materials are ethically sourced from fiber to finished fabric, concentrating exclusively on natural fibers and dyes from native plants and minerals. 

Our collections are sustainably produced in family-owned workshops and support the preservation of a rich history of traditional handcrafts in small Indian village communities. Our name, Umber & Ochre, is derived from the earthy pigments found in the natural world that make up our products. 

The traditional processes that we use are hundreds of years old resulting in a quality of garment that is crafted entirely by hand of materials that embody unique characteristics that are made to stand the test of time.

Every product passes through many hands before it reaches the one who wears it and is Made to Last, Simply and Sustainably.


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