Antique Kantha

Antique Kantha

For fall/winter 2022, we were fortunate to source antique Indian Kantha quilts to create garments from. Kantha quilts are made from dress materials like sarees, lenghas (a form of ankle-length skirt) and even bed sheets. The women of the household stitch together layers of fabrics consisting of four, five and sometimes even seven layers for bulk and warmth. Kantha embroidery is a traditional craft done with a hand running stitch. Their designs can be complex or simple and each part of India has their own distinctive stitching.

We sourced ours by going into individual villages and buying and collecting directly from households from the northwestern region of India. After making our selections, each quilt is thoroughly washed and cleaned. Its designs were thoughtfully considered as each quilt has its own unique patterns and attributes to work with. The results are uniquely one-of-a-kind statement pieces made from an entire single quilt. The worn characteristics are inherent to the quilt age and not to be seen as flaws but rather markings of history and the sustainability aspect of the material. 

The outerwear creations include an overshirt, chore coat and robe. Below are several examples of the results.


Note that multiple colors are under each style which are categorized by size.


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