The Selvedge Finish

The Selvedge Finish
The selvedge edge is an expressive desirable detail identifiable by a contrast color along the 'self-edge' or warp of the fabric (we use red on most of our fabrics). Selvedge is representative of traditional weaving methods. Creating selvedge fabric through hand-weaving on a shuttle loom is a laborious traditional process that is well worth the effort. The longer process creates a denser weave and the resulting fabric contains a character and quality that is seen and felt. Hand-weaving vs. mass production can be compared to the difference between a handwritten letter vs. an email. Like a handwritten letter, the traditional weaving process leaves a personal and special imprint on the fabric in the form of slubs, texture and natural variations.
We notably utilize selvedge fabrics on our Kabir shirts for Fall/Winter '20. This season, we dissected its pattern and elevated its features and the resulting shirt is an enhanced product that we are particularly fond of. For selvedge lovers, this shirt is a real treat. From the outside, the shirt looks the same, but we re-engineered its interior to enhance the use of a selvedge finish throughout. Cleverly designed, the back pleat now highlights the selvedge. We have also used it on the inner cuff panels and button placket to offer additional subtle design details. Our side seam gussets at the hem give the garment long-lasting durability. The subtle selvedge use and considered bone button hardware enhances the overall style.
The Kabir in Kora is the natural color of the cotton that grows in the Saurashtra region of India. The yarn is twisted manually and the resulting texture of the fabric is smooth with natural visible flecks. When we receive the finished fabric, it is washed in panels and ironed before it is cut. The end product showcases the design and special characteristics of the weaving process.
The Kabir in Chambray was created by yarn spinning, dyeing and weaving within a 100 mile radius in Gujarat, India. The fibers were naturally dyed and handwoven on a pedal loom. The resulting silky hand feel has a soft, textured finish with unique slubs and depth of color.

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