Julley (Hello)! / F/W 2023

Julley (Hello)! / F/W 2023

Fall/Winter 2023, A Journey through Ladakh, the Land of High Passes –– From our block print designs, materials and color choices, F/W23 was inspired entirely by a region in the Himalayas called Ladakh, a magnificent and untouched natural wonderland. Bordering Pakistan and China, Ladakh has a complex history and a unique blend of cultural diversity.

As one of the highest regions in the world, Ladakh is known for its dramatic snow-capped rocky terrain, arid climate, bright blue sky, picturesque monasteries, mysterious meditational carvings known as mani stones, colorful flags and native yaks.


As the center of Tibetan Buddhist culture, Ladakh’s serene society has much to offer the Western world in terms of ecological awareness and sustainable and traditional practices. It is a place considered heavenly by its visitors looking to satiate their love for culture, adventure and communion with nature. 

Said to be the most well-preserved Tibetan city in the world, its historic architecture reflects this. Our textiles showcase patterns and motifs inspired and representative of the region's ancient symbolism as well as architectural references taken from column bases, windows and floor coverings. 

From the mountainous ranges to the expansive sky, our colors throughout the collection reflect the extreme altitude and dramatic backdrop.

Yaks are found in the wild in the Ladakh region of India. Yaks have been domesticated in Leh Ladakh from thousands of years and they are a very valuable animal in the Himalayan economy. Our founder, Kunal, spent an unforgettable and intimate time getting to know the regional nomadic yak herders. Yak herding remains one of the dominant economic activities and a tool of rangeland management in the high mountains. Herders consider their role as a vital part of culture and tradition.

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