Raj Nehru Jacket in Dobby Yak Wool


The Nehru jacket is a distinctive and warm outerwear highlight of our season. It features a relaxed fit, front pockets and a standing collar. Its handwoven wool has a unique weaving pattern and all seams are clean finished and hand rolled making it as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

The wool is woven at a unique handloom weaving cooperative in a Himalayan mountainside village in Northern India where wool weaving has been practiced for over 5,000 years. 

Yak wool is one of the most precious types of wool in the world. It is soft and keeps you warmer than sheep's wool, regulates moisture, is breathable and allergy-friendly. The reason for all these properties is the extreme thickness and multi-layered nature of the wool fibers. The yak is a type of cattle is native to the Himalayas, Mongolia and southern Siberia where the animals are adapted to extreme weather conditions.

The yak wool is obtained both by shearing or by combing. Yak herders traditionally comb their animals regularly a few weeks before shearing in order to obtain a fine undercoat in advance. At the beginning of summer, the animals lose their undercoat naturally. Around 1,000 tons of yak wool worldwide is obtained through the labor and time intensive process. 

- 100% Handwoven Wool / 100% Handwoven Cotton (sleeve lining)
- Stand Collar
- Slightly tailored fit
- Single welted chest pocket
- Two lower welted pockets with inset pocket flaps
- Lower pockets slighted angled to allow for easy entry
- Dual back vent
- Hand carved horn buttons
- Pick stich detailing on collar and cuffs

Size Info

Produced in a limited run with exclusive handcrafted fabrics. 

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