Chakra Rug: Spiral 1.0

Chakra Rug: Spiral 1.0

In collaboration with artist, Llane Alexis, we created a Kharad, a Sindhi word for carpet and a limited series of small objects. Llane Alexis, a multidisciplinary artist, uses recycled textiles in their raw form which he manipulates by braiding, weaving and hand-stitching into objects and functional goods.

Kharad weaving is a traditional craft practiced by Nomadic communities of the Kutch region. As opposed to other types of weaving, Kharad weaving has dwindled in recent years. Through our work, we are striving to revive and support small artisanal weaving communities.

Kharads create warmth on floors and are used for special gatherings. They signify comfort as well as respect. They are long lasting due to the quality and durability of the wool fibers.

We chose a wool fiber (a blend of cotton and sheep wool) for ease of general use. The size of the rug was also thoughtfully considered and chosen for its versatile usage and placement.

Themes are often incorporated into Kharads to tell a story. Our Kharad’s unique design is built with different synergies of artists around the globe. Its coils represent the spiralical nature of life and the braided elements are representative of Llane’s personal artistic signature.

Its gray color comes from rust iron combined with pearl millet (Bajra is the local crop out of the Region) and also mixed with the dried bark of a tree (called Desi Bavar). Its deep blue hue is derived from indigo. Inspired by a Japanese brush from his personal collection, the white dot serves as a functional aspect that cleverly signifies when the rug needs to be cleaned.

We created our rug with a Kutch weaver in Gujarat named Bochiya Bala Mangu who exclusively uses natural dyes. His uncle taught him the weaving technique eight years ago and his entire family (made up of brothers, nephews, nieces and others) help create the work. He currently has five looms with a goal to expand to seven. Our collaboration helps him achieve his goals.

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