A Unique Creative Voice: Monique Wray

A Unique Creative Voice: Monique Wray

Monique Wray is an illustrator, animator, and director living and working in San Francisco. A seeker of creative fulfilment, Monique's process involves stepping back to reflect on where she is at in the present moment and where she wants to go next. This renewed perspective has informed her creative journey both personally and professionally.

Monique wears Sabrina in Pomegranate Jamdani.

After thirteen professional years, Monique has returned to playful beginnings that she describes as an exploratory phase that’s brought her back to playing with traditional mediums I loved as a kid.

I’m rekindling my personal art practice using new mediums to express and push the boundaries of my work. Getting back to the roots of how and why I create. I wanted to try to push my practice in new ways and thought stepping away from the computer would help. I was also digitally burnt out and the pandemic expedited this phase of discovery.

Monique wears Anvi in Endless Knot, Rasha Overshirt in Sand Cloud Plaid and Garima Pant in Beige Cotton/Wool.

In 2018, Monique rebranded her creative studio, Small. Her present day practice is a juxtaposition of technology and art, the coexistence of traditional art and digital art mediums (3D, 2D digital art and animation).

Monique wears Saanvi in Indigo Jamdani.

Diversity and representation is infused into her work as well as her Miami roots, Jamaican heritage, identity, inspiration and cultural influences. By staying true to her own interests, personal projects and vision, she's discovered that professional clients naturally align.

Monique wears Anvi in Multi Flag.

As technology advances, she expects the industry to change and approaches change openly. A book that greatly influenced her life's creative pursuits and one she enthusiastically recommends is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Monique's personal resonating advice for creatives "Keep creating, speaking to others, be vulnerable and keep sharing work."

Photography by Peter van der Pas

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