Artist & Inspiration: George McCalman

Artist & Inspiration: George McCalman
We're blessed to call San Francisco-based artist and creative director, George McCalman, our friend. Last week we spent the afternoon with George at his art studio; a special creative sanctuary near Ocean Beach that he shares with artist and ceramicist, Georgia Hodges.
George's extensive background in the editorial world is a foundation of his storytelling and his fine art practice has reframed his perspective on the importance of design. His focus in the cultural language of his own work ignited an interest in collaborating with clientele and businesses within his own community. His design studio, McCalman.Co, collaborates with a wide range of cultural clients. His desire to focus on telling stories through a cultural lens as a starting point distinguishes his studio from other brand agencies.

He has an illustrated column called ‘Observed’ for the San Francisco Chronicle which documents culture in the Bay Area. His first book was published last year, ‘Illustrated Black History: Honoring the Iconic and the Unseen’ which won the 2023 NAACP Award for Outstanding Literary Work among many other notable accolades.

George's interest in the philosophical identity of the world forms his passion in the field of design. His background in the editorial world has been a foundation of his storytelling perspective. His decision to become a full-time artist alongside his brand work reframed his perspective and synthesized what design meant to him. Rather than racing to the results, he began focusing on the process as the driving force in any initiative –– a process of communication, ideation and production.

Find George on Instagram.  

George wears Azad Tee in Persimmon and S/S Kabir in Natural.

Photography by Peter van der Pas

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